Application Process

To be considered as a tenant, prospective tenants will need to follow the procedure below.

-Fill out an application. Make sure to sign the application and include the credit check fee.

-Send the application to 2503 Yorktown Dr. Bloomington, Il. 61704.

-Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. Applications receive the same day will all be evaluated. The home will be offered to the most qualified applicant.

-We will evaluate your application based on the following criteria:

Tenant must not owe a landlord/been evicted.
Must have a credit score above 575.
Must have a solid work history.
Have appropriate income for the rent.
Have not been convicted of a felony.

-If the application meets all our requirements, we will offer the property to the applicant.

-If the applicant declines, the next application received will be evaluated.

-If the applicant accepts, the applicant will be required to sign a hold agreement and provide a $300 hold deposit. The $300 will be applied to deposit when the tenant take possession of the home. If for any reason the applicant decides not to rent or cannot rent the property by the agreed upon date, the $300 will be forfeit. The hold deposit must be made in a bank check, cash or certified funds.

-Before taking possession of the property, the tenant must provide the first months rent, the security deposit less the hold money and any pet deposits in cash, bank check or certified funds.