Tenant Forms

Application-Type in the fields and print.

Application-Printable -Print and write in the information.

Fill in the application and print. Make sure you sign and date at the bottom of the page. Include your application fee.

Intent to Vacate

If you plan to vacate, you are required to inform us in writing of the date you plan to vacate. Fill out the form, leave it on the counter with the key, remotes and openers to complete your obligation.

Move-out Check List

Use this form to guide you through the move-out process such as leaving the keys, turning off utilities, and how to send us your new address. The form also includes a list of cleaning tasks. We want you to get your full deposit back. The following checklist is provided so that you understand what is expected of you to ensure your best chances of a full refund regarding any cleaning charges.

Wear and Tear or Damages

There is a difference between normal wear and tear and damage. This list offers an idea of what is considered normal wear and tear.

Cleaning Costs

We really want you to get your full deposit back. This means that you are leaving the home in the same condition as you found it. If you find that you cannot do all the cleaning tasks required by the lease, these costs are approximate amounts we charge for cleaning and repairs.

Painting and Decoration Request

So you want to paint or alter the interior of your home? Print this form, fill it out and sign it. Bring the form to us and we will consider approval. If approved, get a signed copy for your records. REMEMBER...you will be required to return the home to the original colors before you vacate!