Move-out check list

Leave this form with the keys and openers in the home before you leave.

The following checklist is provided so that you understand what is expected of you to ensure your best chances of a full refund regarding any cleaning charges. It may not be a full list, some tasks may not be listed. If you don't receive your refund with-in 30 days please call.

____ Wash and wipe cabinets, inside and out.

____ Clean oven, burners and drip pans. Clean fan above stove. Move and clean floor under stove.

____ Clean & defrost refrigerator. Move and clean floor under refrigerator.

____ Kitchen and bath floor must be cleaned.

____ All marks on walls must be touched up or washed. Too many marks may require repainting.

____ All adhesive products, tape, staples, nails and tacks removed, filled and paint touched-up.

____ All carpets must be vacuumed and cleaned with a carpet cleaner. Receipt required for refund.

____ Bathroom sink, medicine cabinet, tub, shower curtain (or door), walls, floor and stool, and

cabinet must be clean.

____ There must be a working light bulb in every socket and all smoke detectors must work properly.

____ Mow lawn, trim bushes, rake leaves, and remove debris. If there is a deck it too must be clean.

Often over-looked:

____ Wash all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

____ Wipe all baseboards and trim.

____ Wipe window sills.

____ Gather all keys and garage door openers and leave them on the kitchen counter.

____ Have the utility companies turn off all utilities effective on the day of the lease termination. In the winter months leave the heat turned on and transfer into landlord's name. Call us if the utility company needs confirmation.

New Address
____ Leave your new phone and address information. A security deposit can be delayed if no information is left.

Name ________________________________________________ Date ________________________

New address _______________________________________________________________________

New phone number ____________________________ Work Number ___________________________

This is intended as a guide only in helping you determine what type of cleaning is expected, and may not be a complete list.