"Normal wear and tear" caused by ordinary comings and goings.


"Damage" caused by carelessness, abuse, thievery, mysterious disappearance, accident, rules violation, or special request.

Well-worn keys "Sticky" key   Missing keys
Balky door lock   Key broken off inside lock
Pressurized fire extinguisher with unbroken seal   Depressurized fire extinguisher with broken seal (not used to put out fire)
    Burn in plastic counter top
Rust stain under sink faucet   Sink discolored by clothing dye
Loose, inoperable faucet handle   Missing faucet handle
Rusty refrigerator shelf   Missing refrigerator shelf
Discolored ceramic tile   Painted ceramic tile
Loose grout around ceramic tile  

Chipped or cracked ceramic tile

Carpet seam unraveling   Carpet burn
Threadbare carpet in hallway   Rust marks on carpet from indoor plant container
Scuffing on wooden floor   Gouge in wooden floor
Linoleum with the back showing through   Tear or burn in linoleum
Wobbly toilet   Broken toilet tank lid
Rusty shower curtain rod   Kinked shower curtain rod
Rust stain under bathtub spout   Chip in bathtub enamel
Tracks on doorjamb where door rubs   Hole in hollow-core door

Missing door

Plant hanger left in ceiling One to two-inch-diameter hole in ceiling
Stain on ceiling caused by leaky roof   Stain on ceiling caused by popping champagne or beer bottles
Cracked paint Chipped paint (minor)   Crayon marks on wall
Professional tenant painting approved by landlord.   Walls painted by tenant in dark or non approved color necessitating repainting
Carpet replaced for wear after 6 years   Carpet prematurely worn after two or three years-Excessive wear
Painting done every four years   Repainting after one or two years-Excessive marks, scrapes and scuffs.
Discolored light fixture globe   Missing light fixture globe
    Burned out or missing light bulbs
    Light fixture installed by tenant which must be replaced
Dirty window screen   Missing, bent, or torn window screen
Ants inside after rain storm   Fleas left behind by tenant's pet
    Caked grease on parking space
    Neglected landscaping which must be replaced with similar plantings


Listed above are only examples of normal wear and tear and damage. This is not a complete list.