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Why Rent from Us?

Pets allowed
It's hard to find a landlord in Bloomington Normal who will allow pets. We do! Pets make our lives a little better. Many of our properties even have fences in yards so your pets will have an exercise area. Good pet owners realize that with a pet comes added responsibility. As long as the tenant keeps the pet from disturbing others or destroying property, we will be happy to allow the pet in our homes. There will be an additional deposit and fee.

Easy lease termination
A one year lease is standard for most landlords, but what if you need to move? Sometimes a job in another area will not wait until your lease has been fulfilled. We give our tenants the security of a lease with the flexibility to end the lease if necessary.

We believe that the tenant's right to privacy is very Important. The only time a tenant will see us is when we need to do a repair.

We offer nice, clean, safe homes
Although many of our homes are small, we do not own a home that we would not live in. We pride our selves in providing homes that we would be comfortable in.

Owner managed
We own the homes and take pride in them. We do our best to keep our properties nice!

Good communication
Good communication is key to customer satisfaction. We make sure our renters know exactly what they can expect from us and what we expect from them. This policy is to ensure there is no misunderstandings.

We change the locks
Our tenant's safely is very important to us. We re-key the locks each time a tenant moves out. Even if an old tenant keeps a key, they could not use it. We also use a special contractor lock. We install new locks before a contractor arrives and replace the lock when the contractor has completed the job. No contractor will ever have the key to your home! It's not likely that an old tenant or contractor would ever try to break in to your home, but we think it's not worth the risk.